PSE - Evolve 31 - 2017

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Evolve your hunt with the 2017 PSE Evolve®! Engineered from the ground up to be the most comfortable hunting bow we’ve ever made, we started with our amazing new EVOLVE® Cam System (ECS), which gives this hunting bow an unbelievable 90% let-off and the smoothest shot on the market.

But PSE wasn’t done yet…we paired the ECS with our all-new ultra stiff forged riser design for amazing rigidity and shot stability, our Wide-Track Limb System and Wedge Lock™ Speed Pocket for deadeye accuracy and 346 fps of shooting power, and topped it all off with our new RollerGlide® cable guard system to eliminate friction. We also added built-in riser stabilization ports to deliver a bow that is pure shooting nirvana!

ATA/IBO: 346-338 fps.
Stränghöjd: 6 1/4 tum
Axel-Axel: 31 tum
Letoff: 90%-80%
Draglängd: 24 1/2 - 30 tum
Dragvikt: 60, 70 lbs
Vikt: 4.3 lbs.
Färg: Black, Break – Up Country, Skullworks 2